Illustration principale
Bronze Buckle, Dian
Dian Kingdom, Yunnan, Southeast China, 300-200 BC

Height : 14,5 cm

Provenance : Paola d’Alatri and Howard Wei, Bruxelles

Publication : "Art Of The Bronze Age In Southeast Asia"
(M. Doustar, 2014), n°2
See Pirazzoli-t’Serstevens, La civilisation du Royaume de Dian à l’époque Han, d’après le matériel éxhumé à Shizhai Shan, 1974, page 211, who mention two circular bronze ornaments with the same characteristics.
This particularly large example is decorated with two bands of continous spirals and a central knob incised with concentric circles. There is a small hook on the back of the piece with some remains of the textile to which the buckle was attached.
An important number of buckle ornaments were recovered from Dian burials, worn on the belt or the chest, they served as protective amulets.
Price : 8 500 euros