Illustration principale
Overmodeled and elongated skull, Malekula
Malakula Island, New Hebrides (Vanuatu), circa 1900

Human skull, vegetal paste, tree fern, pigments
Height : 21,5 cm

Provenance : Acquired in Australia at auction, ca. 1968-1969
Nikolai Michoutouchkine collection, Nouméa

Exhibition : The N. Michoutouchkine-A. Pilioko Foundation, inventory n° 340
Ethnography and Art of Oceania, of Michoutouchkine-Pilioko Foundation, Moscow, Fukuoka, 1989, n° 342

Publication : Michoutouchkine-Ivanovna, Ethnography and Art of Oceania, Michoutouchkine-Pilioko Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1999, n° 3

Publication : "Golgotha"
(M. Doustar, 2014), n°19

A couple of very similar overmodeled skulls, consisting of dry craniums painted with red and blue pigments over a double triangle motif joining between the eyes, and stripes of white dots (or lines) around the nose, were collected by Edgar Aubert de la Rue during his mission in the New Hebrides, in the early 1920’s. They are now part of the collections of the Quai Branly Museum.
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