Illustration principale
Overmodeled woman skull, Iatmul
Iatmul, Middle Sepik, Papua-New-Guinea, 1800-1900

Human skull, clay, vegetal oil, rattan, pigment, mother-of-pearl, shell
Height : 20 cm

Provenance : Collection Brommer, Germany
Arte Y Ritual, Madrid

Publication : "Golgotha"
(M. Doustar, 2014), n°9

The overmodeled skulls of women are quite rare in proportion to those of men, although they have a primordial role in everyday life and culture.
This particular head shows some very interesting features. The top of the cranium is pierced and a rattan strap used for hanging is fasten inside the frontal bone. The bright shell ornaments of the ears, nose and eyes, contrast with the monochromatic treatment of the face, and the large nose refer to physical attributes that are part of the ideal of beauty in the Sepik cultures. All these elements indicate this was the preserved skull of a woman of high rank and remarkable beauty.
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