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Funerary mask
Egypt, Late Period, 600-300 BC

Wood, pigments, bronze, stone
Height : 26,6 cm

Provenance : Ex. Gilbert collection, France (acquired ca. 1970) Charles Ede, London
The ancient Egyptians believed that they had more than one soul, and that an individual’s physical body needed to be preserved because the body and the souls would need to be re-united in the afterlife. e fragile mummi ed body needed protection – both physical and spiritual. The coffin provided a box in which the body could be placed to prevent it from being damaged.
From the the lid of an anthropoid coffin, this beautiful funerary mask was carved in wood with great sensibility. The face is painted in green color of the resurrection, and the eyes inlaid with black steatite and finely framed in bronze sockets with extending cosmetic lines. Great attention was devoted to feature the eyes as they were thought to be a “window” which would enable the dead to look out onto the world. The expression is serene, and a gentle smile seems to emerge from the lips.
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