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Massue de guerre U'u
Îles Marquises, Polynésie, 1700-1800

Bois, pigment, fibre de coco
Hauteur : 146 cm

Provenance : Collecté par Raymond de Dalmas avant 1912
Henri de Galard Terraube, Toulouse
Count Raymond de Dalmas (1862-1930) was a French ornithologist and a great traveler.
Raised in Croatia, he roams Europe during his childhood, visited Algeria and Iceland. In 1882, aged only of 21 years, he went for a voyage around the world, from Glasgow to New York, then Japan where he stayed for 3 months. This trip would be the occasion to study the japanese culture and customs, and publish two important books on the subject : Les Japonais, leur pays et leur moeurs, Voyage autour du monde, préface d’Henri Duveyrier, Plon-Nourrit, 1885, Japon et Japonais, H. Gautier, 1895. It is probably during this voyage, more precisely between January 1883 and his return to Paris in March 1883, that he visited the South Seas and acquired a group of Polynesian artefacts, including the present Marquesas Islands war club. In 1912, he made a last trip in those regions and visited New Zealand. This remarkable collection remained in the family since then ; it is exhibited here for the very first time, more than a century after its collection.
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