Illustration principale
Marupai charm
Papuan Gulf, Papua New Guinea, 1800-1900

Dwarf coconut, cord
Length : 11,4 cm

Ex. Private collection, Amsterdam

Publication : Kunstkammer, 2017, n°49b
Marupai are magical and protective charms made from dwarf coconut shell and incised with clan motifs filled with lime. The overall shape and design of the marupai resemble the head of an animal, while another grinning face appears within the incised decor when turning the object upside down. They were per- sonal property of adult men and fulfil a variety of magical functions such as help in hunting and fishing or protection against illness and attack of ennemies.
This pair of marupai are superb examples in terms of design, age and condition; they are complete with their original hanging cord.
Price : 3.800 euros