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Prestige Spear, Admiralty Islands
Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea, 1800-1900

Wood, obsidian, fiber, resin, natural pigments
Height : 217 cm

Provenance : Collected by La Korrigane in 1935 (N° D39. 3 / 605) Collection Jean-Paul Morin, Paris

Publication : Le Voyage de La Korrigane dans les Mers du Sud, C. Coiffier, p. 64, September 8, 1935.
The Korrigane expedition reaches the Admiraly Islands. They will stay till September 20, visiting the eastern part of the archipelago, including the main is- land: Manus. They will collect a number of objects from various locations, including three ceremonial spears illustrated in the Musée de L’Homme exhibition catalogue from 2001. Of the group, the present spear appears to be the finest by far. The first two spears are of a more simple and abstracted manufacture, they are also in poor condition compared to this one, of more elegant and realistic style.
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