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Dan Mask, Ivory Coast
Dan people, Man region, Ivory Coast, 19th century
Wood, charcoal
Height : 20 cm

Provenance : Private collection, United Kingdom

Publication : "Masken"
(M. Doustar, 2015), n°10
This very fine Dan mask of petite size and great age has a lot in common with another female mask published in The Arts of the Dan in West Africa (Fischer & Himmelheber, 1984, p. 31). In both cases, the narrow face has a dry red surface with remnants of black paint around the mouth, nose and eyes. A vertical scar and eyebrows are sketchily painted on the forehead. Carved in light wood with delicate proportions, the back of the mask indicates that a very small tool was used by the artist, who achieved to express so ness and beauty with a great economy of means.
Price : 6.500 €
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