Illustration principale
Statuette of Apollo
Etruscan, Northern Italy, circa 600-400 BC

Height : 9,4 cm
Weight : 27,4 gr

Provenance : Private collection, Japan (circa 1960)

Publication : "KunstKammer"
(M. Doustar, 2017), n°20
This extremely rare figurine sculpted in a single piece of hammered repoussé and engraved gold, represents the Greek god Apollo, He is standing on a pedestal decorated with a hunting scene depicting lion chasing a deer. He is wearing a long robe and hols a beaker in his hands. The face is smiling and the appearance serene, in the ideal of the kouros, a beardless, athletic youth.

Apollo has been variously recognized as the god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. He is known in Greek-infuenced Etruscan mythology as Apulu. The most famous temple dedicated to Apollo was built in the rich city of Veii in the late 6th century before Christ, and indicates the spread of Apollo's cult in Etruria.
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