Illustration principale
cosmetic palette, Gandhara
Gandhara, Northern Pakistan, 200 BC - 100 AD

Diametre : 7,2 cm

Provenance : Collection Kotlar, Paris (before 1975)
Private collection, Paris

Publication : "KunstKammer"
(M. Doustar, 2017), n°8

Stone palettes -also called cosmetic palettes- commonly found in the areas of Bactria and Gandhara are round trays which usually represent Greek mythological scenes.
Some of them are attributed to the Indo-Greek period in the 2nd and 1st century BC. Many are considered to be of later production, around the 1st century CE during the time of the Indo-Parthians. They practically disappeared after the 1st century AD. Many have been found at the archaeological site of Sirkap, in today’s Pakistan.

This stone palette is quite exceptional in the corpus. The first reason is the material chosen by the sculptor. Whereas most palettes are made in schist, the present example was carved in a beautiful, almost transluscent, piece of alabaster. Then, there is the quality of the carving, the extreme attention for details, unrivalled in a corpus yet abundant.
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