Illustration principale
Ivi po'o, Marquesas Islands
Marquesas Islands, Polynesia, 19th century

Height : 4 cm

Provenance : René Choussat (1903-1987), commissaire principal
de la Marine Marchande, collected before 1930.

Publication : "KunstKammer"
(M. Doustar, 2017), n°69

To adorn themselves and the objects they used, Marquesans fashioned beadlike cylinders of bone called ivi po’o, literally “bone pieces”, from the arm and leg bones of their enemies. Those carved in human form, such as the present piece, were refered to as tiki ivi po’o. These objects were employed widely as personal ornaments, worn around the neck or in the hair, or as decorative accents to larger works such as shell tumpets, drums, slings and other household furniture.

The present example is particularly large and finely carved.
Price : on request
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