Illustration principale
Taino Amulet Figure
Taino culture, Hispaniola, Greater Antilles, 800-1500 AD

Height : 10,7 cm

Provenance : Private collection, München

The Taíno believed that zemis, gods of both sexes, represented by both human and animal forms, provided protection. That explains the great number of small zoomorphic and anthropomorphic amulets and pendants found throughout the Carribean. The nodule figure below was published in the thirty-fourth annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology in 1912-1913, and comes from Les Cayes in Haiti. Like the above example, it has ridges representing the arms on each side of the stone extend backward, forming shoulder blades, and lengthwise for upper arms to the elbows. The legs are made in low relief extending to the knees.
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