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Rare Taino Necklace
Taino culture, La Loma, Dominican Republic, 800-1500 AD

Diameter : 20 cm approx. ; Longest bone : 6 cm

Provenance : Dominique Rabier, Bruxelles
The term guaikano (guaicano) is a Taino word for the remora fish (scientific name Echeneidae). Among the Taino, the guaikano was once used by fishermen, specifically, because of its abilities to attach on to larger animals such as turtles and sharks. A cord or kabuia (cabuya) would be tied to the guaikano’s tail, and once the fish attached, a Taino fisherman could simply haul in both the guaikano and its host. The vertebrae of this very same fish was then removed carefully and mounted into necklace, sometimes with anthropomorph or zoomorphic amulets.
Price : 2.500 €