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Bronze idol, Indo-Gangetic
Indo-Gangetic plains, Uttar Pradesh, Northern India, 1500 BC

Oxidized copper with soil deposits
Width : 36,5 cm ; Height : 24 cm

Provenance : Acher Eskenasy collection, Paris

This anthropomorphic figure is of type I. Fashioned from thick metal sheeting, these artifacts have stocky proportions and are patterned on both sides with elongated gouges or dents which usually are lengthwise oriented. Sometimes, however, the patterning is chevroned or cross-hatched. Significantly, the upper edge of the “head” shows no thicknessing, as is the case of type II anthropomorphs (Yule : 52). See below for an example found in Bisauli, Badaun district, and illustrated in Paul Yule’s extensive study “Metalwork in the Bronze Age in India”, plate II n°239.
The present example distinguishes by broad and harmonious proportions, and an excellent state of conservation with no visible restorations.
Another gangetic idol of type I, from the Doris Wiener collection, was sold at Christie’s New York in 2002, March 20th, lot 69.