Illustration principale
Rare Figure, Mollucas
Mollucas, Indonesia, 1700-1800

Height : 25 cm

Provenance : Collection Yves Bonan, Paris

Publication : "KunstKammer"
(M. Doustar, 2017), n°43
The discovery of this small yet exquisite figure, remarkable in multiple aspects, was of great enjoyment to me ...
The corpus of wooden gures from the Mollucas archipelago and Sunda Islands is rather tight and the high demand for fine quality sculptures from both collectors and institutions has increased their scarcity. The present figure belongs to a group of extremely rare and early carvings with very few examples outside Dutch museums, as most of these were collected by missions and traders from the Dutch East Indies in the course of the 19th century.
The sculpture shows great attention and renement in the stylization of different details, such as the heart-shape face with arched brows, the ears carved like seashells, the beaker held between its fingers and knees, the legs crossed with feet bented backwards and rolled under the thighs, or the pedestal, decorated with a double frieze of spiral motifs reminiscent of ancient archaic cultures of the Austronesians.
Price : on request
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