Illustration principale
Rare idole, Indus
Sunga period or earlier, Pakistan/Northwestern India
ca. 300-200 BC

Height : 13,4 cm

Provenance : A. Eskenasy collection, Paris

Publication : "A Passage Through Asia"
(M. Doustar, 2015), n°7
Although the precise provenance of this rare figure is unclear, the iconography is characteristic of female idols from this period, while the style suggests an origin in the western region of the Sunga empire, in Pakistan. Here, the face and ornaments were modeled with great naturalism and much attention was paid to details such as the headdress and body adornments, suggesting the transparency of the skirt under rows of heavy jewelry.
In Indian mythology, Yakshi is a female goddess associated with the fertility of the earth, love, and beauty. She is often depicted with pinched waist and broad hips symbolizing fertility and maternal energy. Yakshi probably originated with the early Dravidians but have subsequently been absorbed into the imagery of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The goddess has been worshiped since prehistoric times in India.
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