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Rare and early pottery, Iran
Balouchistan, Southeastern Iran, ca. 3000-2000 BC.

Terracotta, red pigment

Diameter : 18 cm

Publication : "A Passage Through Asia"
(M. Doustar, 2015), n°3

This exquisite bowl has a slightly loose shape and a curved center point. It is painted with alterning bands of geometrical motifs, spirals evoquing a snake, and a frieze of horses : a big one and a smaller horse whose heads are turned to the right, except for one big horse and a smaller one... The intention of the artist and the signification of these elements remain a mystery, and although the bowl was reputedly found in Balochistan, the iconography suggests an origin further north in Western Asia. This fascinating object is not without evoking the Mesopotamian incantation potteries, and one could imagine it was conceived to provide similar magical properties.
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