Art dealer and keen collector of archaeological and ethnographic objects for the past ten years, I first started with modern painting back in the early 2000′s.

At the time, the internet was just beginning to open up almost limitless possibilities for acquiring knowledge, researching information, and making discoveries.

I sharpened my eye over these years and focused on the historical period in the development of Modern Art – on cubism and the European Avant-Garde – through to their extension into Lyrical and Constructed Abstraction.

This is how I initially came into contact with African and Oceanic art, as essential sources of modernism.

From Gauguin to Picasso and Man Ray, by way of the Surrealists, the great thematic exhibitions such as “Primitivism in 20th Century Art” in 1984, and more recently “Visual Encounters” at the Beyeler Foundation, have clearly shown what a decisive influence the arts from these diverse cultures had on the major artists of the 20th century.

It is in the tradition of precursors and visionary dealers like Paul Guillaume, Pierre Loeb, Marius de Zayas or Joseph Brummer, that today, I would like to share these affinities of form between tribal and ancient arts with a circle of like-minded collectors.

The selection of works I present meets the same criteria and standards I set for myself as a collector, through the search for pure and authentic artistic expressions, out of market trends, and with an uncompromising aesthetic rigor.

Our main domain of interest and expertise are the ancient arts of the Pacific and Indonesia, but the scope of the collection ranges from the Neolithic age to Modern and Post-War Art, and spans the art from the African, Eurasian, and American continents. Each object offered for sale on this website has been carefully examined and selected, according to strict criteria of authenticity, conservation, and aesthetic qualities which have made the reputation of Galerie Martin Doustar.
Martin Doustar travels all year long throughout Europe, Northern America and Asia, to visit private collections and public institutions. If you have an object you wish to evaluate or sell, please send us a photo and a short description by email and we will be able to make you an offer or advise you on the best way to sell your property.
In addition to free appraisal, a personalized consulting service is proposed to private individuals who wish to start or expand their collection, or corporates that want to delevop an investment strategy. It goes from the sourcing of museum quality objects, the leasing or rental of specific artworks, to the representation and acquisition at public auctions.
A service of photography and editing is available for individuals and art market professionals who need a digital file of an object, or a catalogue of their collection. All photos and catalogues on this website are edited by © Martin Doustar. Their reproduction or distribution are not permitted without the prior consent of the author.
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